MAC Arandell Air Sanitiser

Destroys odour causing bacteria, sanitises and freshens the air. MPI approved C102

MAC Arandell Air Sanitiser destroys odour causing bacteria and leaves a clean fresh fragrance in the room.


  • Neutralises strong organic odours, pungent chemical fumes, smoke fumes and unpleasant animal odours
  • Large format 500ml can
  • Micro mist technology creates a ‘dry spray’ ad improves efficacy
  • Eliminates odour at a molecular level
  • Actively sanitises the air; employing a patented active ingredient that binds to malodour particles rendering it inactive
  • Contain low does ethanol for added sanitising effect
  • Used by DHBs and professional agencies throughout New Zealand
  • Currently available in 5 pleasant fragrances – Mountain, Spring, Summer, Linen & Frangipani with Ocean, Lavender, Citrus & Jasmine on its way!
  • Bespoke fragrances and fragrance free toll manufacturing options
  • Also available in 300ml automatic dispenser format



  • Room spray, amenities, safe on soft furnishings



  • MPI approved C102
  • AsureQuality approved


Stock#Variant/SizeQtyGr. Wt (Kg)Vol(m³)
ARANSU5A500ml Summer 12 5.120 0.012
ARANSP5A500ml Spring 12 5.210 0.012
ARANMO5A500ml Mountain 12 5.120 0.012
ARANLI5A500ml Linen125.1200.012
ARANFR5A500ml Frangipani125.1200.012