MAC Arandell Fleet Sanitiser – Fogger 50g

A powerful antimicrobial to sanitise vehicles between shifts, drivers and passengers.

Effective against viruses, bacteria and mold.  Eliminates odour at a molecular level.  Easy to use lock-down aerosol, treats up to 25m³.


  • Powerful antimicrobial sanitiser
  • 99.9%* efficacy against common germs including lipid enveloped viruses (SARS CoV-2), fungi/mold and bacteria
  • Treats up to 25m³
  • Disinfects vehicle surfaces, vents and upholstery
  • Protects your team & customers between shifts, drivers or passengers
  • Leaves vehicles hygienically clean and sanitised with  light ‘fresh’ fragrance
  • Eliminates malodour at a molecular level effective against malodour caused by smoke, body odour, stale/musty smells and organic compounds.
  • Non staining ‘dry’ spray’ technology
  • Wide format can for improved stability – fits most cup holders
  • Fast results, easy to use lock-down aerosol minimising down time



  • Fleet vehicles
  • Truck & vans
  • Earth movers
  • Rental cars, campervan’s and SPVs
  • Public transport – buses, trains, ferries etc
  • Emergency services vehicles



Stock#Variant/SizeQtyGr. Wt (Kg)Vol(m³)
ARANFF50A 500ML12 0.650 0.008