MAC Chain & Gear Lubricant

Heavy duty chain & gear lubricant.  MPI approved C15


  • Heavy duty chain & gear lubricant
  • Penetrates quickly
  • Non-drying, waterproof lubricating film
  • Mild foaming action enhances penetration deep between wire strands, chain links, pins, rollers and sprockets
  • Excellent adhesion properties (won’t sling off)
  • Withstands high pressure an shock loads
  • Resistant to water, steam, salt water and heat
  • Performs from -30°C to 180°C
  • Easy targeted application with 360 degrees spray anyway valve and extension actuator
  • Available in 500ml aerosol, 4L, 20L fluid jerry cans



  • Wire ropes, fork lofts, chain operations
  • Open gears, hoists, rails and skids
  • Couplings and door drivers



  • MPI C15 pending


Stock#Variant/SizeQtyGr. Wt (Kg)Vol(m³)
CHAINL5A500ml12 5.320 0.012
CHAINL20B20L1 0.012