MAC Slay Transitional Facility Dual-Action Insecticide – Space Spray 400ml

Dual-Action border bio-security chemi-tool.  MPI approved


  • MPI approved dual-action insecticide for biosecurity use
  • Compliance made easy
  • Protects your assets and our country from unwanted pests
  • Arandee has over 40 years experience in supplying world leading border bio-security sprays
  • Developed to world Heath Organisation guidelines, exceeds current MPI active ingredient requirements
  • Dual action formulation – contains both knock down and residual active constituents
  • Micro-mist dry spray technology for improved penetration and no risk of ‘water marking’ or staining of goods or cardboard packaging
  • Suitable to use as a space spray in shipping containers and a surface spray on inspection areas
  • Comes with Acc-u-sol trigger and extension tube for easy access to hard to reach places
  • Large format 400ml can



  • Suitable for use in devanning shipping containers
  • Essential part of your bio-security kit
  • Ideal for spot treatment of live insects, nests and larvae
  • Residual treatment of Transitional Facility equipment; bins, inspection areas/rooms quarantine areas, hard stands and alike



  • MPI approved dual-action insecticide
  • MPI approved for transitional facility use


Stock#Variant/SizeQtyGr. Wt (Kg)Vol(m³)
SLAYTF4A,MAC Slay TF Dual-Action 400ml124.4900.012