MAC Slay Wasp Jet-Spray (CO2) Insecticide – 350g

A powerful long range CO2 jet-stream to reach, saturate and kill wasps and nests.

MAC Slay Wasp Jet-Spray Insecticide


  • Instant knock down and high kill rate
  • Effective against the common wasp, European wasp, Australian wasp, Asian paper wasp and hornets
  • Long range high output trigger and extension tube enables the nest to be quickly soaked from a safe distance
  • Caron dioxide propellant ensure low electrical conductivity
  • Wear protective clothing, do not shine a light source directly onto the nest as wasps may travel up the beam of light
  • Do not stand directly beneath the nest



  • Safely eliminate wasps in residential and commercial settings
  • Best results achieved either early morning or late evening when the majority of the colony is in the nest and is less active



Stock#Variant/SizeQtyGr. Wt (Kg)Vol(m³)
SLAYWA3A350g12 5.320 0.012