MAC SprayMark Paint

MAC SprayMark Paint long life paint

A large format (500ml) versatile forestry, farm and construction marking paint designed to be long lasting and remain colour-fast on a range of surfaces.



  • Quick drying, waterproof, special UV absorbers to increase light fastness – ideal for harsh conditions
  • Ergonomic wide-format spray actuator (button) designed to reduce finger fatigue and improve productivity
  • Conical actuator enables narrow (writing) to broad (stenciling) spray pattern
  • Toluene and CFC free
  • Blended propellant to minimise shaking time and eliminate blocking
  • 11 standard colours and 5 fluoros
  • Ideal for use on wet timber, rough logs, concrete steel and alike
  • Fits Can Gun1
  • Large format 500ml can
  • Guaranteed to spray to empty



  • Stencil branding of pallets, wool bales and logs
  • Long life mark ideal for plantations
  • Forestry mark for thinning, cutting and clearing
  • General-purpose industrial marker for all manufacturing applications



Stock#Variant/SizeQtyGr. Wt (Kg)Vol(m³)
SPRM 500ml12 6.67 0.014